My Bag, My Bag, My Bag, Talking ‘Bout My Bag…

Posted: March 8, 2009 in crafting, handbag, purse, sweater

That title’s supposed to be sung to the tune of the Temptations’ “My Girl,” by the way. And, yes, I do looooooove my bag. Here she is:

This might be one of those offspring that only a mother can love. I don’t know for certain, because I can’t be objective about it at all. Here’s why:

This is the first bag I ever made out of an old sweater. It took months of trying to figure out what should go where and how … all that stuff that now seems like a no-brainer.

But it did get finished. And it’s totally impractical — the interior is lined in lime green silk (what was I thinking??) and there are no pockets at all. The drawstring doesn’t function all that well, either. But I really learned a LOT by making this bag — plus I was emboldened by this “success” to continue tearing apart sweaters and making other things out of them. Go figure …

The bottom line is this odd little bag will always have a place in my heart and on my shoulder. Plus, I prevented another person from ever having to wear a sweater that made it look like you had curlicues of blond hair growing on your chest. (Yes, those little golden curls were part of the original sweater — ewwwwww!!)

  1. SolSisters says:

    I have my share of “ugfly children” that are prototypes for other bags and I like them just as much. but really the blonde curliques are hideous!

  2. moneysmith says:

    I’m so glad you said that!! I remember looking at that sweater and wondering who thought it was a good idea to have what appears to be platinum blonde chest hair poking out of it — yyyyyyuck!!

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