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Think of it as a work in progress. This is the first time I tried this technique and the result is not perfect, but at least it looks like it’ll work with a few changes.

The idea was to make a partially felted bracelet by combining a beautiful hand-spun wool yarn with an eyelash yarn in similar colors.

The surface of the bracelet would be decorated with “beads” of plain wool on top. I knit a bracelet-size piece, about 8″ long and 2″ wide, and then stitched little mounds of the wool yarn on top and did the felting thing.

The problem is I didn’t make the wool beads big enough, so I added more yarn for the next trip through the washing machine and the new yarn didn’t mesh well with the original beads. The end result isn’t bad — okay, it is pretty awful! — but it’ll be a lot better next time!

This little purse is kind of cute — at least in person. But for some reason, it’s not photographing very well.

It’s knit from recycled silk sari yarn, which I love to use, since it means income for women in remote areas of Nepal, who otherwise don’t have many options for earning money. Plus, it’s reversible!

The fuzzy pink material is from an old top I found at a thrift store.  It’s a nice little everyday purse, very eco-friendly and all.  But for some reason, it does not photograph well. I should probably fire my photographer, but since I am my photographer,  that’s not a really good solution. Halp!!

Until the economy perks up, most everyone is cutting back on expenses wherever possible. But pity us poor crafters — forced to deny ourselves the indulgences in fabric, yarn and other delights that make what we do possible!

Naturally, I was rescued from my pity party by another crafter — the wonderful Sandy Wiseheart at Knitting Daily. As she points out in her latest post, it’s possible to indulge without guilt by simply scaling back — that is, buying just one skein of awesome yarn at a time. (I know — the thought of one skein makes me shudder, too — but desperate times and all that!)

Not only does your one skein purchase help the local yarn store stay in business, but it can also be made into something very cool — especially if you have a copy of Leigh Radford’s book, One Skein.

Another idea: I’ve read about groups of crafters who live in the same area getting together and trading items from their stash, which sounds like so much fun!

Finally, if you’ve never unraveled a sweater to recycle the yarn, what are you waiting for???? Here’s a great tutorial. Seriously, thrift stores sell wonderful, barely used sweaters for just a few bucks. And you can get a whole lot of perfectly good yarn from one sweater. Not to mention the fact that the unraveling process is great mindless fun … and who couldn’t use some of that these days?

Whoever invented the incredibly clever Knit Stix Knitting Needles with built-in rulers (above) gets my vote for Genius of the Year! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been driven to the brink by not being able to find a measuring tape or ruler when it was absolutely necessary. Chalk up another win for the creative minds in the craft community!