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New bag in the works, one of those ideas that just appears out of nowhere — a triangle purse cut from two felted Jones New York sweaters. I love the shape!! All that’s missing is a really great lining, which means a shopping trip to International Silks and Woolens on Beverly Drive.

For me, going to ISW is like taking a drug addict on a tour of the evidence lockers at the police station — I’m just dumbfounded by all the amazing fabric. Not to mention an entire separate room with notions!! It’s sort of like getting a preview of what it would be like to die and go to heaven (which in real life is pretty much a long shot).

Now for the health news: Check out this piece, via Yahoo News and Time magazine, explaining why produce is probably not as healthful today as it was in our grandparents’ day. The money info is toward the end (last couple of paragraphs). Basically, experts tend to agree that the pesticides and other chemicals used to grow conventional fruits and veggies rob them of nutrients. So go organic!! And don’t make me tell you twice, okay — just do it. More on organic benefits later …