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Ready for a refreshing take on handmade clothes and accessories? Then Come Shop Pink Lemonade with me, and check out a fabulous fellow etsy BESTeam member!

One look at the dazzling palette in this store, and you know that shop owner Paige has a gift for eye-catching creations and fearless use of color. Her embellished ladies’ tank tops and t-shirts are all standouts. For example, I love the “Wow!” combination of black and turquoise in this tshirt.

And that color confidence carries through to equally inspired combinations like this tone-on-tone purple/lavender top, too. Gorgeous!

But even though Paige’s tops are clearly a specialty, the details on this little black bag knocked me out.

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw that bag was “WANT!” Actually, that was the second thing that crossed my mind, too. I love the intricate ruffles and the way she arranged them in unexpected ways. Plus, that gorgeous bright “peacock” blue lining could take your breath away.

Then there’s this adorable little gold satin flower, perfect for adding some shimmer to your hair on a hot summer day.

Did I mention that Paige is fourteen years old? If not, it’s probably because I’m so jealous. I’ll get over it. But I hope she doesn’t get over her interest in making clothing and accessories, because this is one talented designer with a spectacular future ahead.

You can connect with Paige at her blog:
and on her Facebook page:

Well, maybe not better, but a heck of a lot less expensive. And no recovery time! That’s the idea behind the T-skirt, an oversized T-shirt with an attached short skirt. You can wear it over jeans, ¬†shorts or another skirt — or by itself. It’s designed to be roomy and comfortable, even on days when you’re not feeling much like Kate Moss.

This one’s not finished, but you get the idea. It’s a combination of a Gap tank top with an embroidered silk panel in front and floral printed chiffon from another garment as the skirt, so everything is recycled, or upcycled, which is a nicer way to put it. There are a lot of skirted tees out this season, but how many of them can claim to be environmentally friendly? Hmmm, probably not many …

I’m not sure if it’s being constructed or deconstructed. Maybe a little of both. And clearly it’s not done. But I have to say, I like it a lot!!

Here’s the back view:

Yes I Can!!

Posted: November 19, 2008 in eco-wear, purse, t-shirt, Tee Bag, tote

Finally work a digital camera, that is. Some proof — at long last, a photograph of the very first “Tee Bag.” (Tee Bag — get it? Like “tea bag,” only … ummm, a t-shirt … okay, just wanted to make sure I’m not wasting my last few remaining brain cells being clever for nothing.)

In a former life, this little tote was a most unattractive tee-shirt, a god-awful XXL number promoting some local radio station. So the scissors were recruited. The Tee was deconstructed and then reconstructed. A little reverse applique, some cotton flannel lining and a self pocket, plus the red corduroy handles and behold! A whole new life as a tote — or something. It’s now destined for etsy, as soon as the real photographer does it justice.