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So you’ve sworn off fast food because you know it’s better to avoid all that fat, sugar, salt  and processed ingredients. But … one day you’re out, you’re starving and before you know it, your car just seems to turn into that MickeyD drive-through lane all by itself. Meanwhile, your brain is working overtime on rationalizing — “it’s just one meal,” “is fast food really that bad?” and the classic, “but I’ll have something healthy for dinner tonight to make up for it.”

Here’s a happy discovery to go with that Happy Meal: Researchers have found that downing  a glass of orange juice instead of soda or water puts the brakes on inflammation caused by fast food. Minimizing inflammation is important, because it makes us more vulnerable to heart attack and strokes.

Before you race out for a Big Mac, though, be aware that this was a very small study, so it needs to be replicated with more people to make sure the findings hold up. But at least next time you’re faced with choosing between a fast food fix and passing out from low blood sugar, go ahead and eat, but be sure to swap the soda for orange juice. You’ll still be getting a lot of calories from not-so-good fats and sugar, along with waaaaay too much salt and processed ingredients, however, so if you’re serious about staying healthy, don’t make it a regular event!